NeuroscienceThe neuroscience of mindfulness

January 2011 Update:

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On the Neuroscience of Mindfulness page,  you will find:
  • A brief introduction to the brain
  • Right brain left brain
  • What happens in our brains when we meditate
  • How neuroscience improves cognition

On the Neuroscience videos page you will find:

  • videos and media clips connected to the neuroscience of mindfulness
  • Videos and media clips about neuroplasticity

Recent research into neuroplasticity has demonstrated that our thoughts change our neuro-pathways in the brain - the more we think about something, the stronger the neuro pathway.  Mindfulness helps us become more aware of our thoughts, and thus more able to actively shape our brains.

You will also find neuroscience videos and resources on the Resources page and books on the UK Bookshop and USA Bookshop

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