About Mindfulnet

Mindfulnet.org is an independent website dedicated to promoting Mindfulness by providing site users with the information they need to make informed decisions. Interest in mindfulness has been growing steadily in recent years. In 2009, Google alone hosted nearly 3 million searches for "mindfulness".  By 2012, this had risen to 16 million.  The search phrase "mindfulness at work" now generates 13 million results.  


When you are new to any subject its often difficult to know where to start and the right questions to ask. Although the internet is full of information on mindfulness, some of it is inaccessible or difficult to grasp for newcomers. Mindfulnet aims to provide accessible information for newcomers, practitioners, teachers and researchers alike.


Who created Mindfulnet?

Mindfulnet is "a labour of love" created by Juliet Adams, a Strategic Learning Specialist, who works with organisations to help them make their learning activities more strategic. She became interested in mindfulness 5 years ago, and has felt its benefits. From the outset, Juliet liked the fact that mindfulness was underpinned with a large volume of neuroscience research, and could immediately see the applications of mindfulness in the workplace.

As time went on and she found out more, she became excited about the diverse applications for mindfulness, and wanted to do something to make mindfulness more accessible to those who were new to the subject.

She decided to create an independent, secular website to promote the applications of mindfulness and provide a space for everyone interested in mindfulness to share best practice, discuss new ideas, and access research without the time consuming chore of searching the internet for it.



What do site users think?

Mindfulnet's founding vision is to provide site users with everything they need to know about mindfulness on one website. Mindfulnet.org aims to become an international hub of information on mindfulness, encouraging its use, informing decisions and disseminating information. We think it may already contain the largest collection of publically accessible Mindfulness data and links on the web.  We intend to continue to add data and resources to this website on a regular basis to ensure Mindfulnet delivers its founding vision.

Feedback from users suggests we are getting there:

14th January 2011 "We think you have the best website about mindfulness out there and we've been doing this for over 20 years now"  Ketria B. Scott, Mindful Living, USA


9th January 2011: "My congratulations on your site, which is the best site I have ever come across on mindfulness - so easy to navigate, so information rich and so coherent!" David Michie, Mindfulness author, Australia

29th October 2010: "I'm using your site as the main point of reference for mindfulness work whilst I'm pitching to journalists, organisations and anywhere appropriate" Cheryl Rezek, Mindfulness author & therapist



5th June 2010: "Thankyou very much for this resource! What a great initiative" Susannah Crump, Mindfulness teacher, UK

Unlike some mindfulness websites, Mindfulnet.org is secular and independent. It receives no funding and is run on a not for profit basis.

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becoming mindfulWho is Mindfulnet for?

Mindfulnet was set up to meet the needs of those new to mindfulness, those who use mindfulness in their daily lives and work, mindfulness researchers, teachers and subject experts, and researchers.

Mindfulnet places an emphasis on the practical applications of mindfulness, and will be of special interest to:

  • Teachers and lecturers aiming to integrate mindfulness into the lives of staff and students
  • Employers hoping to improve the workplace environment, or increase productivity
  • Business Leaders hoping to increase creativity and reduce burnout. 
  • Legal Professionals hoping to penetrate the clutter of their minds and surroundings, become more adept at picking up clues, reacting to what's happening more productively.
  • Prison Staff aiming to reduce hostility, improve prisoner's self-esteem, and reduce mood disturbance.
  • Individuals who wish to take control of their lives, and enjoy life more.

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Become a friend of Mindfulnet

Mindfulnet receives no external funding or support. If you have benefitted from this website, and would like to support this work, you can become a Frie                                                    nd of Mindfulnet.org by making a donation. All donations will be used to help fund the websites running and maintenance costs.

Mindfulnet Friends

Mindfulnet would like to thank the following people and organisations for their support:

  • Storm Thorgesson, the world famous artist, for allowing Mindfulnet to use his image "The Tree of Half life" on our home page
  • Mr Site Kickstart team for their help in setting the website templates and support to get Mindfulnet.org up and running.


Legal statement

Mindfulnet aims to provide site users with the most up to date information, research and resources available. We try hard to ensure that all information provided is accurate and current. Due to the ever expanding nature of the site, we cannot guarantee the accuracy and validity of all the content provided via links to other sites, or verify the credentials of teachers or subject experts listed. Mindfulnet cannot be held liable for any losses or damages caused by use of data provided by this website.

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